129 Hotwell Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4RU
Tel: 0117-3306476
E-mail: info@siam-harbourside.co.uk


Welcome To Our Authentic Thai Restaurant

Sa-wad-dee ka and Welcome to the Siam Harbourside Thai Restaurant.

Here at the Siam Harbourside licensed restaurant we serve delicious authentic Thai food and drink and want to ensure that you capture all the flavours that Thai cuisine has to offer. Thai cuisine is distinctive thanks to the use of herbs and spices that will really tantalise your taste buds, taking you on a journey of culinary adventure.

Eating Thai style means looking after your companions and helping them to the choicest morsels. It should be a relaxed, friendly and communal meal, which everyone will enjoy.

In modern day Thailand a spoon and a fork is used for eating, but some people, especially in the North still use fingertips with a delicacy and skill that is hard to achieve. We suggest that you may find the spoon and fork more comfortable! As in the rest of South East Asia, Thailand’s staple food is rice. The word rice and food are the same. A Thai meal is therefore based on rice but the number and variety of dishes served with it is almost limitless.

We hope that you will enjoy the Thai experience and will want to visit us again.

You can get a free Coca-Cola with every main meal, for this offer lease visit HotFreeStuff